• Moxies white chocolate brownie recipe

    Moxie’s White Chocolate Brownie Recipe

    Like Moxie’s white chocolate brownie (via the Winnipeg Free Press) 250 ml (1 cup) real butter 340 g (12 oz) good quality white chocolate, chopped 750 ml (3 cups) flour 500 ml (2 cups) white sugar 5 ml (1 tsp) salt 5 eggs 60 ml (1/4 cup) half and half cream 125 ml (1/2 cup) dark chocolate (chopped pieces or chips) Preheat oven to 190 C (375 F). Grease a 9 x13-inch pan. Use a double boiler to slowly melt together butter and white chocolate. In large bowl of electric mixer, stir together flour, sugar, and salt. With mixer at low speed, beat in white chocolate and butter mixture, then…

  • Clean Eating Baked beans in sauce recipe - like Heinz ; clean eating
    Clean Eating,  Side Dishes

    (British Style) Beans in Tomato Sauce Recipe – Make Your Own, Just Like Heinz

    This is a knock-off recipe for Heinz Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce – British Style.  I have come to learn that the Heinz Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce recipe is different in the UK than it is in the US and Canada.  So if you are British, you’ll love this.  If you’re North American, give it a go anyway to taste the difference.  I’m still hunting for a North American copycat Heinz Beans in Tomato Sauce recipe, and will update this post when I find one, but in the meantime, I intend to use this one (I’ll just pretend I’m a Brit) 🙂 The British serve baked beans on toast.…

  • Wendys Chili
    Main Course

    Wendy’s Chili

    Made this just now on 12/12/2015 .  Turned out not too shabby. Good enough to make it to the collection. Nice when I want a change from my long time, standby chili recipe. As I typically do when I make chili these days, I used chicken instead of beef to keep it consistent with our “healthified” eating plan. I also left out the beans since they are carbs, but I’ll make it some time with them. I didnt have tomato juice so I went with a generous amount of tomato sauce (I cut the recipe in half, and used i very large can of tomato sauce).  Finally, I left out…

  • Pasta e Fagioli soup

    Pasta e Fagioli Recipe

    This recipe is based on one from the Dave Nichol Cookbook, which I modified and adapted.  His recipe is vegetarian so if a heartier non-vegetarian soup is what I’m craving, I also add about 1lb of ground beef.  I’ve also included, further below, the copycat recipe of Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli soup, but I prefer the first recipe for its fewer ingredients – it still results in a great Fagioli. One tipe – I like to use pizza sauce instead of, or in addition to, the pasta sauce. It usually provides a really great additional punch of flavor that really takes the recipe to a while new level of goodness! …

  • Olive Garden salad dressing recipe

    Olive Garden Inspired Salad Dressing

    This is a little concoction I whipped up for the first time a couple nights ago when I made us a steak dinner on the weekend.  Chris thought it was fabulous. I was a little concerned he may not dig it, because I used apple cider vinegar which sometimes causes his mouth to pucker, but with all of the other ingredients, the tartness was mellowed, and the result was just a really, really nice Italian Olive Garden-Inspired salad dressing. I wanted something like the Olive Garden dressings, but when I looked at the copycat recipes (which I have tried before, and found the results to be nothing spectacular, and really…

  • Stuffed Broiled Tomatoes Recipe
    Side Dishes

    Stuffed Broiled Tomatoes

    This is one of my long, long, LONG term recipes – from before Chris and I were married. Its a beautiful side for a special occasion dinner. I’ve made this through out the years occasionally for a romantic dinner for two. Before we were married we used to go to dinner at a very fine restaurant at the top of a high rise hotel (The Delta) with a fabulous view of the city at night. Broiled tomatoes were a favorite side they served, and often accompanied the AMAZING Beef Wellington we used to have when we dined there.  Whenever I make Beef Wellington I like to serve these stuffed broiled…

  • Juniors Winnipeg Famous Chili recipe

    “Fat Boy Chili” Recipe

    “Like” Junior’s Chili in Winnipeg My mom worked at Junior’s on Henderson Highway from the day they opened their doors in the  late ’70s and for several years thereafter, and we lived just across Henderson on Martin Avenue. I used to sit in Junior’s after school, doing my homework as I waited for her to finish her shift. I grew up eating this stuff. The two Greek cooks – Billy and Savas – were very fond of me, and would always insist on feeding me.  I remember there was a big scandal going on behind the scenes when a former employee at Junior’s and good friend of the owner left,…

  • Salisbury House Chili - Recipe
    Main Course

    Salisbury House Chili Recipe

    Salisbury House Chili (Copycat) There is a local restaurant chain in my city called Salisbury House, affectionately known by locals as Sals – its been around forever. Started during the days of vaudeville when a vaudevillian entertainer passing through town noted that there was no place to eat at 4 in the morning, and saw a business opportunity for a 24 hour diner. He opened one restaurant, basically a shack with a “little red roof” – the roof became the restaurant’s trademark – and, it grew from there. Almost a century later, Salisbury House continues to thrive, and most of them still have “the little red roof”.  Great little diner, with really…