No Carb Flourless Pancakes
Main Course

Flourless Pancakes – Carb-Free


Just made these for a post-Valentines day brunch for CP.  I made us a stak and lobster dinner last night, with stuffed, twice baked potatoes, asparagus, and broiled tomatoes – and lots of sparkling wine and candle light. Anyways… I digress…. So I just happened to see this idea yesterday on Pinterest when I was looking for my pin on how to cook lobster, and had to try. Just happened to have 2 overripe bananas I bought for mom (left them in the car in super cold weather, and the turned very over-ripe looking, so I brought them home and then stumbled upon this idea – perfect timing!

These worked out AMAZING. CP loved them – could not believe there was no flour, gluten, or carb in them (aside from the carb in the banana).  They are so simple and really do have the consistency and taste of real banana pancakes. So impressed! ‘Cause we love pancakes, but have to deprive ourselves (until now) in order to look hot 🙂

I’m picturing us sitting on the terrace all summer long having pancakes for breakfast while we gaze out at the pool and listen to the birdies chirp:)


So this is all you do:

1 ripe banana + 1 large egg = pancakes!  Add a dash of cinnamon and a dab of vanilla if you like! Top with fresh berries, or add blueberries right into the batter!  Cook like regular pancakes.

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