• layered salad

    Layered Salad

    Scrumptious Layered Salad The first salad I ever made (many years ago…), when I was still a teenager and first learning to cook (really cook), and, boy, was it a hit!  This recipe has been with me ever since and continues to garner rave reviews from my dinner guests.  Aside from it’s scrumptious taste, it’s absolutely artistic to look at… 8 strips bacon 1 head lettuce 1/2 bunch celery, chopped 1 green pepper, chopped 1 c. frozen peas, thawed 1 c. mayonnaise 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp. sugar 4 hard-boiled eggs, chopped 6 green onions, chopped 3 tbsp. grated Parmesean 12   cherry tomatoes 4 medium-sized mushrooms   Cook…

  • chicken liver pate recipe

    Chicken Liver Paté Spread

    Chicken Liver Paté Made this once in the apartment at Martin Ave I think when I was having a little dinner party, maybe Christmas, with Mrs P over.  Also made it one of the early Christmas’s at Park Ridge.  Recipe never got entered into this collection until July 20, 2013 when I stumbled across it in my 365 Ways to Cook Chicken recipe. So grateful to have found it.  Just a good thing I’ve been too busy for the last decade to make it again, or I would have been extremely upset that it wasn’t in here!  I thought about making it a few times, but ultimately never had the…

  • Chicken Florentine
    Main Course

    Chicken Florentine

    Chicken Florentine Another one of my all time favorite recipes that’s been with me forever. A perfect specimen of Spa Cuisine which you can make right in your very own kitchen.  Spa Cuisine is healthy, low calorie, beautiful looking, and most of all, delicious tasting gourmet food. Made this for the first time back in my newlywed-ish days, living in our tiny apartment. Circa 1995 maybe?  Husband was impressed. Also made it at least once in the earlier days living at Park Ridge. 1 + ¼      tbsp. olive oil 1              onion, finely chopped 1              carrot, peeled and shredded 1              garlic, finely chopped 1 + ½      tsp. basil…

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    Salmon in Champagne Sauce

    SALMON WITH CHAMPAGNE SAUCE Tried in our new house sometime between Feb and May 2003 for romantic dinner – excellent recipe. Chef: Philippe Thelier Restaurant: L’Auberge de Sedona Entree Ingredients: 4 6-oz. portions of salmon 1 oz. shallots 2 oz. champagne 1 oz. cream 1 oz. chives, chopped 2 oz. butter Salt and pepper to taste Instructions: Melt half the butter in a sauté pan. Sear salmon on each side for 1 minute. Add shallots, deglaze with champagne and reduce to syrup. Remove salmon to a warm place. Add cream to sauce, check seasoning and reduce a bit. Finish with butter and chives. Makes 4. servings.   Photo Credit: homechef.essentialcuisine.com…

  • Sweet and Sour Beef Stew
    Main Course

    Sweet and Sour Beef Stew

    Sweet and Sour Beef Stew One of my long time favorite recipes, its been with me most of my adult life.  Made this when I first got married, and a good number of times through out the years. Making it right now, as I write this, in fact.  Haven’t had it in a number of years since we’ve been on a healthy eating program that focuses primarily on chicken, so this will be a treat. 1/8 c. olive oil 1/8 c. all-purpose flour 1/8 tsp. salt dash pepper 1 lbs. beef stew meat, cubed 1/2 c. water 1/4 c. ketchup 1/8 c. brown sugar 1/8 c. vinegar 1/2 tbsp. Worcestershire…

  • Homemade Baking Powder Recipe
    Clean Eating

    Homemade Baking Powder Recipe

    Homemade Baking Powder Store bought baking powder is not allowed when you are eating clean because 1) it contains aluminum which is toxic to the body, and 2) corn starch is the main ingredient in commercial baking powder, and cornstarch is also not allowed on a clean eating program (as I learned on my body makeover program, arrowroot is a natural and healthy substitute for constarch). Moreover, cornstarch is made from corn, and with 80% of corn now GMO, if you are concerned about going non-GMO (as you should be), cornstarch has to be eliminated.  Option #1 1/2 Cup Baking Soda 1/2 Cup Arrowroot Powder or Tapioca Starch 1 Cup…

  • Homemade Deli chicken seasoning

    Homemade Deli Chicken Seasoning

    Delicious when served cold! Made this today – February 15, 2015. Chris really enjoyed. Make again for him.  Update:  While I was somewhat indifferent to this recipe when I first made it, I ate some of the cold chicken out of the fridge last night and I found that this seasoning is really, really good on cold chicken. I happen to love cold chicken, so this recipe now gets my approval as well. It was as good as Chicken from the grocery store deli – only without all the salt, additives and preservatives. This will be especially good to have on hand when I’m following my healthy eating/weight loss program. …

  • Teriyaki Sauce Recipe
    Clean Eating

    Teriyaki Sauce

    I get so frustrated when I find a delicious sounding recipe for a Teriyaki dish, and then when you read the ingredients list you find store-bought teriyaki sauce. Who needs a recipe to tell them to buy a bottle of teriyaki sauce, pour it over meat and cook? That’s not  my idea of a recipe.  The problem with store bought teriyaki sauce is that it usually contains all kinds of bad stuff that isn’t good for anyone, and is absolutely not allowed on the healthy eating program (clean eating) my husband and I follow that allows us to eat delicious food, shed excess pounds we were carrying, and keep it…

  • Stuffed Broiled Tomatoes Recipe
    Side Dishes

    Stuffed Broiled Tomatoes

    This is one of my long, long, LONG term recipes – from before Chris and I were married. Its a beautiful side for a special occasion dinner. I’ve made this through out the years occasionally for a romantic dinner for two. Before we were married we used to go to dinner at a very fine restaurant at the top of a high rise hotel (The Delta) with a fabulous view of the city at night. Broiled tomatoes were a favorite side they served, and often accompanied the AMAZING Beef Wellington we used to have when we dined there.  Whenever I make Beef Wellington I like to serve these stuffed broiled…

  • No Carb Flourless Pancakes
    Main Course

    Flourless Pancakes – Carb-Free

    Just made these for a post-Valentines day brunch for CP.  I made us a stak and lobster dinner last night, with stuffed, twice baked potatoes, asparagus, and broiled tomatoes – and lots of sparkling wine and candle light. Anyways… I digress…. So I just happened to see this idea yesterday on Pinterest when I was looking for my pin on how to cook lobster, and had to try. Just happened to have 2 overripe bananas I bought for mom (left them in the car in super cold weather, and the turned very over-ripe looking, so I brought them home and then stumbled upon this idea – perfect timing! These worked…