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Samoan Fog Cutter


Samoan Fog Cutter

Memories of the old BeachComber restaruant at the Carlton Inn in Winnipeg. What a place. What great memories. Such a shame the place is no longer there.


1 12 oz Puerto Rican Rum (Light)
12 oz Gin
12 oz Brandy
2 oz Lemon juice
1 oz Orange juice
12 oz Orgeat
12 oz Cream Sherry (or other sweet Sherry, as float)
8 oz Ice
In a blender, add all ingredients except Sherry. Blend for 10 seconds and pour unstrained into a tiki mug. If necessary, add more crushed ice to fill. Float sherry on top.
A lighter update on the classic Fogcutter. Note this is blended, which cuts the strength considerably.
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