Sauteed mushrooms recipe
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Sauteed Mushrooms (Steakhouse Mushrooms)


For really delicious sauteed mushrooms, here’s a simple recipe. What makes these mushrooms so extraordinarily flavorful is one secret ingredient – the lemon juice. This is really the trick to mushrooms that pop with flavor.

Melt some garlic butter in a pan over medium heat.  I never bother making my own garlic butter, nor do I buy manufactured, rather I use made-in-store garlic butter from the deli section of the grocery store.  Most reasonably sized grocery stores with delis offer this.   When I am adhering to a calorie restricted diet, or maintaining a clean eating lifestyle, I will saute the mushrooms in chicken or beef broth with and garlic, a healthier option, but sometimes you just have to have that garlic butter!  Add mushrooms to the pan and sautee til tender.  You can slice the mushroom if desired, but I usually prefer to either sautee them whole if they are not too large, or I cut them into quarters or halves.   If desired you can also sautee some onions with the mushrooms, and carmelize the onions for added flavor. About 1- 2 minutes before the mushrooms are ready to be removed from the pan, add a splash of lemony juice to the pan and sautee for about another 1 – 3 minutes to allow the flavor to permeate.

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