Marinated Beet Salad


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I never much cared for beets, but when I tried my mother-in-law’s beet salad just to be polite,  I discovered a new favorite!  It was always a staple at her Easter brunches. But its also so nice on a summer’s day…

4  medium beets, cooked   ( 3 1/2 c)

1/4 c. carrots, cooked, diced   2 medium carrots

½  c.  cooked green peas (or 2/3 c.)

1  small can beans in tomatoe sauce

½  medium cooking onion, finely chopped

½ c. dill pickles, diced  (2 pickles)x 3 1/2 or 4″ slim dill pickles

1/4 tsp.   salt

1/4 c.      Italian salad dressing (Kraft) or to taste

Skin cooked beats when cool and dice into 1/2″ cubes. Rinse tomatoe sauce from beans. In a large bowl, combine beets, beets carrots, peas, beans, onion, and dill pickles. Add salt and Italian dressing to taste; toss gently and serve. Serves 6.


3 thoughts on “Marinated Beet Salad

  1. Hi there, and thank you for your beautiful Vegetable options.

    Being Vegan these recipes are easily modified with the same ingredients, but not using animal byproducts, and we get the same flavours, so I am pretty thankful to be following your site.

    Can you please tell me what type of tinned beans you are speaking of for this recipe. I would be most grateful?

    Thank you so much…

    • Hi Nancye,

      Thanks so much for visiting – glad you are enjoying my veggie recipes; I’ll be adding more soon, so please check back again. The canned beans in sauce referred to in the recipe are the type offered by Heinz. Look for Heinz beans in tomato sauce, or Heinz baked beans in tomato sauce at your grocery store. I have a recipe to make them yourself, rather than using canned. I will post it soon and will let you know when its up in case you have trouble finding it at the store, or if you are like me, and prefer to make as much as possible from scratch rather than using canned convenience foods (I prefer to avoid any additives or preservatives often found in canned foods) 🙂

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